Real Estate Services

At ZT Auctions, we specialize in the sale of real estate through the auction method. We work closely with our clients to best serve their needs, and successfully market and sell real estate at fair market prices. We implement aggressive marketing strategies, and utilize all of the tools available to us to bring serious real estate buyers to the forefront.  We also aim to bridge the gap between sellers and buyers to provide a smooth process, and a win-win experience for all involved, from start to finish.

Personal Property Services

At ZT Auctions, we conduct regular personal property auctions, which are well suited for our clients that are looking to move, downsize, or part with smaller personal collections. We acquire the merchandise, set an auction date and location, effectively market the merchandise for a period of time, and then auction it off to the highest bidders on auction day. Personal property auctions are typically made up of multiple consignors, and consist of the sale of antiques, collectibles, gold & silver, coins, jewelry, toys, sporting goods, sports memorabilia, and tools. We also have experience in the sale of cars, boats, and farm equipment. We offer local pick-up and drop-off options. Please contact us to inquire about this service.

Estate Services

There are circumstances where an onsite estate auction is the best option for our clients. In most cases, this is in the event of a probate situation or a death in the family, where the entire estate, including all personal property and real estate, needs to be settled in a timely manner. At ZT Auctions, we’re able to handle the process from start to finish. We set a date and time in which the auction will be held on location, and then prepare and effectively market the assets to promote the very best return at auction. In our experience, onsite estate auctions normally draw the largest crowds and command the highest value. This process typically helps to alleviate stress and create peace of mind in difficult times. We can also recommend attorneys that we work with closely to handle all legal aspects of the estate settlement process, if needed.

Other Services

While real estate and personal property auctions are the focus of our business, we also have experience and offer services in other areas… We’ve recently implemented the use of online auctions on select real estate and personal property. We’ve created an auction platform that can be accessed from a computer or handheld device anywhere. This has allowed us to expand our reach, and market to prospective buyers and sellers from all over. We have the ability to handle personal property appraisals. We also love to work with groups and organizations to plan and conduct charity and benefit auctions to support their cause. We’ve worked with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the National Wild Turkey Federation, the Greater Appalachian Llama & Alpaca Association, Ryan’s Hope, local scholarship foundations, and many others.