57 Lots Up For Auction

Located In The Beautiful Pocono Mountains

Pre-existing, upscale homes on this mountain are currently selling for $550,000, which places the value of these lots at up to $200,000.  
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In this particular auction, the seller has chosen to disclose their reserves on all lots, and the entire property. All starting bids are currently placed at the reserve or minimum, so any bid over that could potentially be the winning bid should it not be outbid by the time auction closes on Monday.

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Bids will be accepted in $500 increments

This property is being offered with reserve

A 10% Buyer’s Premium will be applied to the final bid price per parcel,  Should the property be purchased in whole, the 10% BP will be waived.

All streets, infrastructure, zoning, permits, and building approvals are in place, & perc tests have been completed.  Info available upon request.

Milford, PA does not separate lots from large tracts of land for tax purposes until the lots are sold. However, all lots have been individually zoned & perc’d.

Please read terms and conditions and contact us with any questions

What To Know Before You Bid
Terms And Conditions

About Milford

The small, quaint town of Milford, PA is located in Pike County, PA, in the Delaware River Region of the Pocono Mountains. Its conveniently located on the border of New York and New Jersey. Route 209 & Route 6 run directly through the borough, and Interstate 84 is just minutes away.

Milford was founded in 1796 and contains a number of historical sites and buildings. The main streets are lined with restaurants, antique shops, galleries, & store fronts.

Milford is loaded with opportunities for recreation. The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is in close proximity for activities such as boating, fishing, camping, & hiking. The town is surrounded by private and public golf courses, skiing opportunities, & shopping. Milford also hosts a number of annual festivals, including the Black Bear Film Festival.

Milford is in the Delaware Valley School District.

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How do I bid?

Simply click the big red button that says “click here to register.” You will fill out some basic contact info and username/password. Once you register, you are in the system, and can bid or check back at any time. To bid on an individual lot, click on the section of the mountain where it’s located (top, middle, bottom). Then choose the lot number of interest from list in red. Once you’re on the page of the specific lot, it gives you the option to bid at the next increment. When your bid is placed, you will receive email notification. The bid on the entire property, click on “bid on the entire mountain” and place your bid.

Milford Highlands - What is it? What am I bidding on?

Milford Highlands consists of 57 building lots spanning 191 acres. The lots range from 2-11 acres, with most being in the 2-5 acre range. Milford Highlands is located in Milford, PA on the border of New York and New Jersey. Routes 6, 84, & 209 are within close proximity. The property sits atop a mountain overlooking the Delaware River and parts of PA and NJ. It is heavily wooded and scenic with tons of wildlife. It was originally meant to be a large, upscale development, but plans fell through during the real estate market crash in the early 2000’s. There are 8 pre-existing homes on already sold lots on the mountain, which are all occupied. 2 of those homes have been purchased in the past 3 months for between $540 – $550k. The market is back on the rise and this is a great time to own a piece of this property. We’re giving you the opportunity to bid on and buy individual lots, as well as the entire property as a whole, if you wish.

Is this a subdivision or 1 big tract of land?

Milford Highlands has been subdivided into 57 lots ranging from 2-11 acres in size. The original intent was for the property to be completely developed into a private, upscale living community. The borough of Milford has it listed as 1 parcel, or tract of land, but as lots are sold, they are peeled from the whole and assigned a parcel number at that time. This is done by the borough as a way of cutting upfront costs to potential developers.

Have percolation tests, building approvals, verifications, etc. been completed?

 All perc tests & verifications, building approvals, zoning & permits, infrastructure, roads & curb cuts, etc. have been completed. Building could potentially begin within 2 weeks of settlement on individual lots. Many of those documents have been provided for you on the auction page. Please contact us with any further requests.

Are wells & sewers in place?

Wells and sewers have not been constructed. That would be part of the building process for the potential buyer(s)

Are there any deed restrictions for building?

There is a minimum 2500 sq.ft. building restriction, which means that any home constructed on the property must be at least 2500 sq. ft. in size.

How much would property taxes cost?

 Property taxes would obviously be determined by the size & cost of the home and the acreage, but taxes on pre-existing homes look to be between $9 – $12k a year.

What To Know Before You Bid
Is there a Homeowner’s Association (HOA)?

At this time, residents are not paying any HOA fees and the HOA is not active. However, the roads are plowed in the winter. Should multiple lots be purchased and developed, there is a possibility that an HOA would go into effect in the future, but there is no guarantee on that at this time.

How can I find out what the property and individual lots look like?

We have provided many photos, videos, & maps of Milford Highlands for you on the Auction page, in an attempt to show you around as much as possible. We suggest navigating the site, and studying the info if you are serious about bidding. We’ve also visited the property several times and are very familiar with it. We’re available to discuss specific lots and to give suggestions if needed. We would also suggest taking a drive up to Milford Highlands to check it out. It’s a beautiful spot, and a great day trip. The town of Milford is very quaint and unique and Dimmick’s is a great spot for lunch.

When does the auction close?

The auction closes on Monday, October 23rd. Closing times for individual lots will be staggered throughout the afternoon and evening. Make sure to check the specific closing time on the lot that interests you. This is not a “soft” close auction, which means the auction will close at exactly the time it’s scheduled. Make sure to get your bids in!

What’s a Reserve price?

A reserve price is the minimum bid or dollar amount that the seller will accept for their property. In this particular auction, the seller has chosen to disclose their reserves on all lots, and the entire property. All starting bids are currently placed at the reserve or minimum, so any bid over that could potentially be the winning bid should it not be outbid by the time auction closes on Monday.

What if I’m a winning bidder?

If you are a winning bidder, you will be notified by email directly after the auction closes. You will be required to sign a purchase agreement and place a $2,000 down payment + 10% Buyer’s Premium on the real estate by Friday, October 27th. The Buyer’s Premium is equivalent to 10% of the purchase price (high bid amount). Then you will be set to go to settlement on the property within 30 days.

What happens after the auction?

Should you bid on and buy any of the real estate, you will go through the settlement process to acquire your property. The sale of any unsold lots will be sold at the discretion of the seller in the future. If you’re interested, make sure to bid on these great deals at auction!

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions or concerns at 717-814-9534 or You can also click the messenger icon on the auction page and directly message us at any time.

Terms And Conditions